About Us

About Us

Narrow Road Fitness provides training and curriculum so you (yes, you!) can take this ministry to your location.

  • We provide you with training to teach our fitness classes and nutrition curriculum at your organization.
  • Our fitness classes are non-choreographed - no dance moves.  Workouts use body-weight exercises and can be easily modified (made easier) or progressed (made more challenging) based on the needs of your participants.  Don't worry, you do not need to be a fitness professional - we teach you all that you need to know.  (If you are a fit pro, we've done the organizing for you, so all you have to do is display the workout and you're all set!  It's a great way to make connections in your community!)
  • We provide curriculum for an entire year of programming.  (If you follow our programming suggestions, you will likely recoup your investment within the first quarter of the year - and may continue to raise money for your organization or a charity of your choice!)
  • When you purchase the full year program, you will be featured on our website so others can find you. (Or if you go on vacation, you can join a class at another location)

Real People. Real Comments.

“Thank you for the ministry you provide. I rejoice to hear from so many who are being blessed not just physically, but more importantly spiritually. Thank you for your willingness to bless so many.” – Paula R.

“I cannot speak highly enough about these workouts. In a short amount of time with reasonably easy (doable) exercise I feel a huge difference in my body (yes I woke up very good sore…again) All the while feeling encouraged and re-energized. Thank you!” – Marysol W.

“Love our classes M, W, F! I was praying for something where I could have a regular exercise program and the Lord answered my prayer in amazing (!!!) ways by bringing me to these classes. The warm up and cool down are well thought out. Even though I complain, the workout is well thought out and I feel stronger. This is a unique balance of cardio, endurance, and muscle building. I love the moments to rest at the end and reflect on the devotion that Jill presents. I would not do this on my own. This is truly an amazing time. I love it! I’m much more fit, have been watching what I eat, have met some great women, and feel much more invigorated after most classes. This has balanced me mentally, physically, and spiritually. Thank you Jill for ALL you put into this! What a difference these last couple months have made.” – Adele H.

“Jill is a great instructor strengthening both body and spirit, the ladies in the class are great as well. Enjoy making new friends .Although it is not a bible study, Jill and her gentle spirit and the bible verses, Christian music, she chooses feeds the spiritual needs. And with her experience as a fitness trainer teaches you no matter what level you are personally, to a great workout.” – Chris D.

As someone sharing Narrow Road Fitness, it is important to know that you are not intended to be a physical therapist, a doctor, a personal trainer, or anything other than someone providing the opportunity for others to move and get healthy.  (If you are one of those professions - all the better.  Just know that it is not necessary.)

We are often sedentary because we lack motivation and accountability.  Narrow Road Fitness provides an opportunity for people to support and encourage one another.  Our programming provides full body fitness and scripture rooted purpose so fitness has a deeper purpose other than just vanity.  Together, we will journey on that Narrow Road.

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