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Narrow Road Fitness provides easy-to-follow instructions so that you can lead pre-planned, scripture-rooted workouts at your church or Christian organization. Each workout has a topic — Forgiveness, Gratitude, Patience, etc. with a corresponding Bible verse.
Each class ends with prayer time based on the Bible verse of the day.  Participants leave class feeling a true sense of physical accomplishment as well as feeling connected with others and most importantly connected with God.
Our classes accommodate all fitness levels. Participants work at their own pace according to their own needs.


Food abundance and sedentary lifestyles are the new normal.  These are blessings of our current world!
It’s time to grow a healthy relationship with food and fitness, and learn how to navigate this new norm.

  • Our program does not provide diet plans.  We teach how food works in the body and empower you to make healthy choices that fit your lifestyle and preferences.
  • We provide a small group study that is rooted in Bible scripture.  The group environment provides for support, encouragement, and accountability among peers.
  • Motivation needs to come from within you to become a healthy habit.  Connecting health to spirit and emotion is essential in making new healthy habits last a lifetime.


Narrow Road Fitness is a fitness and nutrition curriculum, but it is also much, much more:

  • Your members have the opportunity to connect and grow healthy, meaningful relationships with each other.
  • Provide time in prayer, fellowship, and healthy lifestyle while staying connected with God throughout the week.
  • Reach out to others in your community by inviting them into your building for a much needed service in health and fitness, and they may ignite a new relationship with Jesus and your church!
  • Become a valuable resource in your community.
  • Use Narrow Road Fitness as a way to raise funds for your favorite charity.

God does AMAZING things when we gather in His name!

Our Programs

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