Our Programs

Our Programs

Is Narrow Road Fitness a good fit for your ministry?

  • Would you like to create a greater connection between your members?
  • Are your members’ health and wellness needs languishing?
  • Do you need a new way to reach out to your community and grow your church?
  • Do you believe the words of our Lord can inspire and direct all these efforts?

If you have answered in the affirmative to any of these questions, then yes – we can create a successful partnership together! 

Narrow Road Fitness offers the opportunity to gain strength in body, mind, and spirit.    Too many people only see their fellow members once a week at service – there is often a feeling of disconnect, yet deep inside we all hold a desire to build genuine relationships but we just don’t know how.  Those same members make excuses to avoid working out while eating poorly.  And every church is always looking for methods to draw in new worshipers, but today's population is hard to attract with traditional means.  This scripture-based wellness program offers a unique solution.

Narrow Road Fitness Makes It Easy!

There is no special equipment required, the exercises are based around natural movement of the body.  Anyone can participate and enjoy the classes, regardless of age or physical condition.  However, they do share the common goal of increasing their health and well-being and will work together to achieve this, which creates a remarkable bond of fellowship.  And because scripture and prayer are also built into each session, members come in with a purpose and leave feeling spiritually renewed. 

What a wonderful new resource to offer your community as well!  So many people are looking for an alternative to iron-pumping gyms, intensive driven workout classes, and scale check-ins, wishing they could just feel comfortable and do what works for their body.  The fact they can do it with a group of their peers with shared beliefs only makes their results stronger.

And there is no special effort required on your part to get the program up and running in your facility!  The materials, instructions, exercises, and scripture readings are already laid out with simple direction on how to implement them, so it really is a turnkey operation.  In addition, we provide full support to whoever you choose to facilitate it (up to FOUR individuals - and they need not have trainer's experience) including personal calls, dedicated email, and a private forum to help with any concerns.

Narrow Road Fitness Programs

The two training courses we offer, the Complete Program and Nutrition Group Study, are hosted by your church.  Everything you need to run the program is done and laid out for you, complete with instruction manual, promotion material, and online course library.  An individual you choose would serve as the trainer or facilitator for the program, and that person is also given personal direction and support throughout the program so they do not need to have any special skills or knowledge – only the desire to create a positive, open, encouraging environment for the participants to grow.

Our programs are set up as memberships wherein you can access all program materials, be able to contact me or my team directly for support and advice at any time, read our fitness blog for new insights, and more.  We offer two courses:

Narrow Road Fitness Full Program:  This is a year-long program designed to foster physical and nutritional wellness.  Each session is based upon scripture to present the guiding principle, and ANYONE can participate!  Discover how it can work for you…

Narrow Road Fitness Nutrition Group Study:  This is a 6 month guided study that explores myths of food health versus often hidden truths, understand how those things impact our health outcomes, and helps participants find what foods work for their goals. Learn more about it here…

Not sure and want to just take peek?  Try one of our Sampler Packs - Nourishment Sampler or Relationship Sampler!

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